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How do I configure the location and the size of the local archive?

Last update: 22.07.2022

How do I configure the location and the size of the local archive?

Size and location of archive

Ivideon Server has parameters of the local archive recordings made to the hard drive of your PC. You can alter the maximum amount of storage space they will take up and their location.

To manage these settings, please do the following:

  1. Stop the server and click on the Settings button on the toolbar of the main window.

  2. In the General tab of the Settings window, you can set up the path to the archive folder, as well as how much space it will be able to occupy.

  3. The Advanced settings option allows you to set up multiple locations for archive storage (e.g., if you need to set up different separate amounts of storage space for each camera).

  4. After adding a new location for the archive, please go into the settings of each of your cameras and choose which archive location they will be using.


When setting up multiple archive locations for the server, you can specifically select the location that will be used for each of the cameras. To do so, go into this camera’s settings and on the Recording tab find the Archive option in the Settings section of the tab:


NB! Please note that when the archive reaches its maximum allocated size, the oldest recordings will start to be replaced with new ones (i.e., overwritten).

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