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Ivideon Server is offline

Last update: 15.12.2022

Ivideon Server is offline

If Ivideon Server and all devices connected through it are displayed as offline (have red icons in the list), it means that Ivideon Server cannot connect to Ivideon cloud.


First and foremost, please check:

  1. Is the computer with Ivideon Server turned on?

  2. Is this computer connected to the Internet?

  3. Is the equipment (router/switch) of the network where the PC with Ivideon Server is installed, as well as the network cables used to connect them, working properly?

If everything is OK with your computer and Internet connection:

Check which status Ivideon Server has – Started or Stopped (Ivideon Server status is indicated in the bottom left corner of the program’s main window).

If the status is Stopped:

  1. Click the Start button on the toolbar. The server status should change to Started | Connected to the cloud.

  2. Check if Ivideon Server has turned on in your personal account (the icon should change to green).

If, after launching the server, the status says Started | No cloud connection – it means the server cannot connect to Ivideon cloud.


In this case, please verify:

  • Is Ivideon Server blocked by antivirus or firewall? Ivideon Server should be in the exceptions list of antivirus and firewall software used on the PC;

  • Test the upload speed of your connection at speedtest.net and check if it is sufficient for your server to operate. For a server with one camera, the requirement would be an upload speed of 2 Mbps. If there are 5 cameras in the same network, the speed should be at least 10 Mbps so that they could operate correctly.

If none of the methods above helped, please contact our technical support (available 24/7), we will do our best to help you to diagnose and fix the issue.

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