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How much Internet bandwidth is required to view video from a camera via Ivideon?

Last update: 09.12.2022

Internet connection speed

On average, one camera requires:

  • 2 Mbps upload speed of the network to which the camera is connected to;

  • 2 Mbps download speed of the network where you are watching the video.

Please make sure that the camera gets enough upload speed of the Internet connection, as it influences connection with Ivideon service and archive recording, as well as the quality of the live feed.

In case the Internet connection is unstable or the upload speed decreases, the archive recordings may be incomplete (some detection triggers may be missed) or they may be recorded in low quality.

If you are viewing several cameras at the same time, the required speed gets multiplied by the number of cameras; e.g., while watching five cameras simultaneously, you would need 10 Mbps of download speed, while watching ten cameras – 20 Mbps, and so on. You can measure the current speed of your connection using the sites like speedtest.net, demo.fireprobe.net or speedof.me.

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