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General information

Last update: 09.12.2022

Ivideon cloud video surveillance service allows you to store videos in the cloud and on local storage (hard drives and SD cards).

Video recordings can be made in one of several modes:

  • based on motion detector, sound detector or sensor triggers (default setting)

  • continuous recording (24/7)

  • delayed recording (transferring local archive into Ivideon cloud on a set schedule).

All the listed video recording modes are available in case your device records cloud archive.
If you have only local archive, its recording modes will be available depending on your device.
In this case, the recording mode is to be set up via the device’s settings.

NB! Ivideon is a cloud-based service, so we need to keep our server and your camera constantly communicating with each other.

If you need to turn off the camera and local archive recording for specific periods of time, you can make the necessary settings on your equipment (see the instruction manual for your camera or DVR). In case of talking about the cloud archive, in your cloud recording settings on my.ivideon.com.

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