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What is cloud archive?

Last update: 09.12.2022

Cloud archive recording means that the footage from the camera is saved on Ivideon cloud data centers. The duration of archive storage depends on the selected pricing plan. For example, if you choose Cloud 14 plan with fourteen days of cloud storage, you will have access to the last 14 days of video recordings (going back from the current moment). The archive is overwritten automatically when the maximum archive storage period is reached; the oldest records gradually get replaced by the newest ones.

The main advantages of using cloud archive are:

  • Video recordings are accessible at any time from any place with an Internet connection, using any computer (in your Personal Account on my.ivideon.com or via Ivideon Client desktop app) or Ivideon mobile application;

  • Recordings in the cloud archive cannot be damaged or deleted;

  • The data is stored in encrypted form, it is transmitted through an encrypted channel;

  • There is no archive size limit, no need to organize your own video storage;

  • By default, only the owner has access to the recordings;

  • You can grant access to your cameras’ recordings to other users using your Personal Account or Ivideon mobile application.

Other noteworthy features of the cloud archive are:

  • Recording cloud archive requires a stable, uninterrupted Internet connection;

  • Each camera requires at least 2 Mbps of upload Internet speed.

We recommend using cloud archive as the main type of archive you use. The local archive can be used as a backup for important cameras in case there are issues with their Internet connection.

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