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How much time will recordings be stored in the cloud? When are they overwritten?

Last update: 15.12.2022

Storing video archive in the cloud

Video recordings from the surveillance cameras are stored in the cloud in accordance with the number of days specified in the applied pricing plan. A specific pricing plan can be chosen for each of your cameras. For example, if you select the Cloud 7 plan with seven days of cloud storage, you will have access to the last 7 days of video recordings (going back from the current moment).

The archive is overwritten automatically after reaching the maximum storage period specified in the plan; the oldest records in the cloud gradually get replaced by the newest ones.

Ivideon allows you to connect pricing plans for cameras with storage of recordings in the cloud from 3 to 120 days. In case you need a plan with a longer duration of archive storage, a plan like this can only be requested from Ivideon managers and applied on their end. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for an option of saving cloud archive for more than 120 days.

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