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Why do I receive notifications not upon every trigger?

Last update: 31.05.2024

Our service has a particular algorithm for creating notifications and event clips: 

1. An event gets stored and a notification is sent when detector is triggered for the first time.

2. Then if there is no triggers for at least 5 minutes, and it occurs again after that - it is considered as a new event and a new notification is sent. If the detector keeps being triggered - the new event won`t be  created. 

For example (the detection triggers are marked by asterisks) 

Both triggers (12:00 and 12:16) will create a new event and send a notification (as the 5-minute algorithm is followed).

An event will be created at 12:00 (detector is triggered for the first time) and at 12:16. There will be no event at 12:02 since 5 minutes have not passed between the triggers, hence a notification will not be sent either.

If 5 minutes have passed since the most recent motion detection and there is motion happening in front of the camera, but a new event is not created, check the detectors settings: sensitivity and detection area.

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