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What is Ivideon Bridge?

Last update: 08.05.2022

Ivideon Bridge is a portable PC in compact case with implemented Ivideon software (special version of Ivideon Server). Ivideon Bridge allows to connect IP-cameras and DVRs to Ivideon cloud via RTSP/Onvif protocols and configure connected cameras directly from the personal account (despite desktop version of Ivideon Server and DVRs with Ivideon firmware, that allow to configure cameras only locally from server/DVR interface).

Ivideon Bridge allows to connect already working local surveillance systems and use most of cloud features with them (cloud archive recording, analytics, etc.). At the same time, camera connection to Ivideon Bridge is as easy as possible - in most cases only IP-address, username and password of the camera are needed. Ivideon Bridge requires access to the devices via local network and Internet connection (to access Ivideon cloud).

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