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How do I change parameters of the camera that is already connected to Ivideon Bridge?

Last update: 25.03.2024

You can easily change parameters of the camera that was connected previously via Ivideon Bridge.

It can be necessary in such situations:

  • If you want to change previously connected camera to a new one.

  • In case local IP-address, username or password of already connected camera has changed.

If you change parameters of the connected camera, its cloud archive and pricing plan will be saved without any changes.

To change parameters for the chosen camera, please do the following:

  1. Open the Bridge configuration menu.

  2. Choose the camera in question from the list.

  3. Click on a cogwheel button within the camera’s configuration menu.

  4. Change necessary parameters. The following parameters can be changed (for an IP camera):

    1. Camera’s username

    2. Password

    3. IP-address

    4. Connection type (ONVIF/RTSP)

    5. Model/manufacturer

    6. RTSP transport type

    7. PTZ URL

    8. HTTPS on/off

  5. Click on Check connection button and save settings.


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