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What features of Ivideon Bridge are available for connected devices?

Last update: 10.06.2022

Number of supported cloud features depends greatly on device’s connection type and on features’ support by the exact device model.

Device type

Multiple stream support (audio+video)

Motion and sound detection

PTZ control support

Videostream configuration

Local archive access

Generic IP camera (RTSP)


Generic Onvif device


Dahua device


Hikvision (ISAPI) device



    • Features like PTZ controls, videostream configuration and local archive access depend on the specifications of the exact device model and its current firmware version.

    • Cloud archive recording upon motion and sound detection is not available for the cameras, connected via RTSP protocol (as it doesn’t allow to use motion and sound detectors).

    • Queue detector” feature will be available for all connected devices.

    • Face recognition feature is not available for cameras, connected via Bridge (currently it’s realized only in the cloud service).

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