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Particular features of Ivideon Bridge

Last update: 28.10.2021

EDGE archive on Dahua and Hikvision devices

EDGE archive is the archive, that is saved to SD-card or HDD of the device (local archive).

To use EDGE archive choose your camera or DVR (model and manufacturer) directly from the list. It can be done in 2 ways:

  • Add the device manually while connecting Ivideon Bridge to the account.

  • Change camera/DVR's settings if it was listed as Onvif supported device.

Playback of local archive recordings from Hikvision DVR, that is connected via Ivideon Bridge

Time-zone issues may emerge on Hikvision devices (old models with outdated firmware), when you try to open local archive from them. In this situation requested archive fragment may be shown with incorrect time-zone, though it’s possible to use a modified request to overcome this issue. Choose “Hikvision fix timezone” model from the list, in this case time on the requested archive fragment will be shown correctly.

Simultaneous configuration of Bridge from 2 different sessions

If 2 users start Bridge configuration simultaneously (it may also happen if one user opens Bridge configuration menu within 2 browser tabs at the same time), a conflict between several configuration processes may emerge.

E.g.: one user just connected a new camera, while the second user starts camera’s connection process (it’s not finished yet). In this case the second user won’t be able to finish camera’s connection process and will receive notification, that it’s necessary to update Bridge configuration first (current settings won’t be saved).

Deleting cameras from Ivideon Bridge on Home account type

In order for the camera to be deleted in the local Ivideon Bridge configuration file, it should be deleted by the user in the personal account. Cameras may be left within Bridge local configuration file if the device was deleted by the user directly from the account (without deleting all the cameras/channels from it beforehand). In this case old cameras, which were previously added to Bridge, will become available automatically in the account once Bridge is connected to it.

Supported devices, that can be added to Ivideon Bridge

Ivideon Bridge supports connection of IP-cameras and DVRs via RTSP and Onvif protocols only.

Please note:
Ivideon Bridge cannot be used to connect USB-cameras or IP-cameras using MJPEG protocol for data transmission.

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