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How do I download (export) archive in Ivideon Client?

Last update: 26.05.2022

How do I download (export) archive in Ivideon Client?

To save a certain archive fragment on your PC with the help of Ivideon Client application, perform the following steps:

1. Run the app and open the necessary camera.

2. Click the Recordings button in the bottom left corner of the player to display the archive timeline.

3. Click the Export button above the timeline and highlight the time period necessary for export using the blue markers.

4. When the time period is selected, click the Export button below the timeline.


  • The maximum length of 1 exported archive fragment is limited by the conditions of the subscription used on the camera. However, the number of fragments you can export is unlimited.

  • If there are several archive fragments included in the time period you are exporting (e.g., if the camera records when its motion detector gets triggered), they will all be merged in a single exported video file.

5. The selected archive fragment will appear in the Archive export tab and will be downloaded on your PC in .mp4 format automatically after being processed.

6. To open a folder with the downloaded video file, click the three dots button under the exported fragment’s preview and choose Open file location.

7. The save location of exported files can be changed in the settings of Ivideon Client.

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