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Resetting NBLC-2220F-MSD, NBLC-2420F-MSD, NBLC-2221F-MSD, NBLC-2421F-MSD cameras

Last update: 17.08.2022

1. Turn off the camera’s power;

2. Unscrew two hex head screws and lift the upper part of the dome off the camera:


3. There is a defense panel located under the upper part of the dome. To take it off, unscrew the Philips head screw:


4. Take out the SD card from the SD card slot of the camera (if used). In case you perform a reset with a card inserted in the camera, it will be formatted;

5. Plug the camera back into the power supply and wait for the camera’s system to boot (approx. 30 seconds);

6. Press down the Reset button (located next to the SD card slot) and hold it for around 15 seconds until the LED light indication changes (the LED indicator is located inside the dome and present only on the NBLC-2220F/2420F-MSD models):


7. Release the Reset button and wait for the camera to reboot (approx. 30 seconds);

8. Unplug the camera from power, install the SD card back into the camera (if used) and plug the camera back into power.

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