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Resetting NBLC-4225Z-SD

Last update: 17.08.2022

1. Turn the camera’s power off;

2. Unscrew four Philips head screws and take the defense plate on the back side of the camera off:


3. Take out the SD card from the SD card slot of the camera (if used). In case you perform a reset with a card inserted in the camera, it will be formatted;

4. Plug the camera back into the power supply and wait for the camera’s system to boot (approx. 30 seconds);

5. Press down the Reset button (location shown in photo) and hold it for around 15 seconds:


6. Release the Reset button and wait for the camera to reboot (approx. 30 seconds);

7. Unplug the camera from power, install the SD card back into the camera (if used) and plug the camera back into power.

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