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General information. How does Cloud counter feature work in Ivideon?

Last update: 14.04.2024

Cloud counter is a product that allows you to keep track of objects crossing a given line in the frame. At the moment, Cloud counter feature in Ivideon allows you to do the following:

  1. Add any camera to the Ivideon personal account and apply Cloud counter plan to the camera.

  2. Store visitors’ statistics in the Ivideon cloud for 3 years.

  3. Make statistics graphs/tables according to the following parameters: date-time, counters.

  4. Download statistics reports in .xls format.

To use the Counting visitors cloud feature, you need to apply a Cloud counter plan* to the camera you need.

*Cloud Counting Visitors feature is available only for those Ivideon accounts that have the latest pricing plans available.

Cloud counter works according to the following algorithm:

1. The video stream from the camera is constantly transmitting to the service for further data processing.

2. Analytics module on our cloud servers tracks people crossing the set-up line (enters/exits separately).


3. Data gradually accumulated by Cloud counter can be requested in the form of .xls reports (you can request a report in the Visitors tab in your personal account at my.ivideon.com).


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