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How can I configure a Cloud counter?

Last update: 22.07.2022

Before starting work with Cloud counter feature, please make sure, that:

  • You have an account in Ivideon service with current pricing plans. If you do not have an account in Ivideon, use this link to create it. If you already have an account, though its current type is For home, you can switch to the current plan within account’s Settings tab.

  • You have at least one camera that is added to your account and set up correctly according to the installation tips.

To configure Cloud counter feature, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose the camera in your Personal Account that you are going to use to count visitors


  2. Go to the Visitors tab, tap Settings in the upper right corner of the screen, and then the Add camera button.


     If you have no cameras used for counting visitors, you can choose the camera you need right away by pressing the Try for free button in the Visitors tab.


  3. Pick the necessary camera in the device list and press Select plan.


  4. Select the plan that you are going to use with your camera and press Select under its description.


  5. Open Cloud Counter settings in the Visitors tab by pressing the cogwheel button next to the camera in question.


In the Cloud Counter menu the following settings are available at the moment: Crossing lines, Average object size, Exclusion areas, and Height of installation.

  • Crossing lines

    In this menu, you can set enters/exits’ crossing lines. If necessary, you can draw a complicated line, pick the direction objects go in, or draw several lines (if you have several entrances).

    To add a new line, click Add new line. To confirm the changes, tap Done and then Save.


  • Average object size

    In this menu, you can set the average object (person) size that will be counted. To set it up correctly, you can wait till a person appears in the camera view and update the preview from the camera.

    To confirm the changes, tap Done and then Save.


  • Exclusion areas

    In this menu, you can set up the areas that will be ignored by the analytics module (people will not be counted in these areas).

    To add an exclusion area, click Add new area. To confirm the changes, tap Done and then Save.


  • Height of installation

    For the analytics modules to work correctly, you need to toggle the switch to the right height the Counter is installed at. Height of installation can vary from 2.3 m to 6 m.

Click Done to complete the Cloud counter configuration. If it was configured correctly, the camera will transmit video to the cloud and the analytics module will count people crossing the set-up line (enters/exits separately).

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