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How do I find out the local IP address of a Dahua camera?

Last update: 16.09.2022

By default, a Dahua camera should get the following IP address in your network. However, these cameras also have DHCP enabled by default and, if this address is already occupied by a different device, the camera will receive a different IP address.

If the camera in question is already connected to an Ivideon account, the ways to find out its current IP address can also be found in the ‘How do I find out the local IP address of a camera?’ article.

In addition to that, a camera can be found in the network with the help of:

  • an IP scanner specific for Dahua devices called Config Tool;

  • an app for Dahua camera setup called SmartPSS (for instructions see here, section 3.1.1);

  • any IP scanner software working with all devices (e.g., Advanced IP Scanner).

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