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How do I find out the username and password of the local web interface of a Dahua camera?

Last update: 19.09.2022

The default username used on Dahua devices is admin.

The default password is also admin. But please mind that:

  • If the camera is connected to Ivideon (directly), a random password for local access has been already generated for the camera when it was attached. In this case, you can find out how to change it in the ‘How can I find out the username and password to the local web interface of a camera?’ article.

  • If the camera is not connected to Ivideon, the first time you access it, you should be able to enter the web interface with the default password. After that, the camera’s system will suggest creating a more complex password that will be used for further access.

The password you create should meet the following requirements:

  • must contain from 8 to 32 characters;

  • must contain lowercase / uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers;

  • may contain special characters except: ‘ (apostrophe), “”(double quotes), ; (semicolon), : (colon), & (ampersand).

NB! If you use any of the special characters listed above in your camera's password, it will be impossible to log into the camera's web interface with this password. Additionally, the Security settings tab will not be displayed in the camera settings in your Ivideon Personal Account (to restore access to it, you will need to reset the camera to factory default settings).

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