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Are there any limitations on resolution/bitrate of a camera I can connect to Ivideon?

Last update: 10.01.2024

Pricing plans of our current line-up have the following restriction — cameras connected to the service can broadcast a video stream to Ivideon with a bit rate of no more than 2 Mbps (2048 kbps). When connecting a camera with a higher bitrate, the bitrate will be limited on the side of our cloud; selection of a larger bitrate value in the camera settings will not be available.

Because of this, it is recommended to set the video stream resolution proportionally to the bitrate — usually not higher than 1920×1080 — image distortion may occur at high resolutions with low bitrate settings. Video with a resolution higher than 1080p can often be broadcasted without distortion at 2 Mbps, however, the intensity of movement in the frame would affect the image quality (the more movement appears in front of the camera at a specific point in time, the higher the bit rate would be necessary for data transmission).

In case you need to broadcast a stream with a bit rate higher than 2 Mbps to the service, our sales department can help you to set up an individual pricing plan with an increased data transfer limit. Please feel free to reach out to them concerning this at global@ivideon.com.

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