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How do I set up recording to a memory card?

Last update: 25.08.2022

In order for the camera to record the archive to a memory card, you need to do the following:

  • Insert an SD card into the camera;

  • Format the card via the camera’s system.

How do I install an SD card into the camera?

You can find this information in the instruction manual that came with your camera, or in our article containing manuals for Oco cameras.

How do I format the memory card and set up the recording schedule?

Oco 1 model does not have an SD card slot, so it does not support local archive recording.

To format the memory card in Oco 2, follow these steps:

  • If a memory card is already installed in the camera, unplug the device from the power supply and remove the memory card;

  • After removing the memory card (or before inserting it), connect the camera to the power supply;

  • Insert the memory card into the SD card slot on the back of the camera (the camera should be plugged into the power supply);

  • Reboot the camera by disconnecting it from the power source for a few seconds. When rebooted, the memory card will be automatically formatted by the camera system.

Oco 2 does not have its own web interface, so it is not possible to change the recording schedule for it. After formatting the card, the local archive by default will be recorded on motion/sound detection happening in front of the camera as long as it is powered (by default, this model has motion and sound detectors enabled).

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