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What kinds of notifications can I receive? How can I receive them?

Last update: 31.05.2024

Ivideon service allows you to receive the following types of notifications:

1. When motion, sound, temperature, or alarm detectors are triggered. 

  • A new detection-based event from a camera gets created right after a detector gets triggered. These events are sent according to the algorithm

  • The ability to receive notifications of some types depends on the camera model and the way it is connected to Ivideon.

  • Along with sending a notification about an event trigger in front of the camera (motion or sound), the camera starts recording a video so that you know what caused the detector to be triggered.

2. Status of the camera (online/ofline)

  • A new camera status event gets created after the device changes status and stays in the current status (online or offline) over the course of 10 minutes.

Ivideon provides two types of notifications:

1. Push notifications are sent to your mobile device (with Ivideon mobile app installed and signed in to an account) and Ivideon Client desktop app when a new event is generated for any device connected to your account. Push notifications contain the information about the time when the event was created, the camera it was created for and the snapshot of the event.

2. Email notifications are sent to the email that was used for your Ivideon account registration. There are two kinds of email notifications: 

  • The digest of all motion/sound detection events from all the devices on your account. Such a digest contains basic information about the times when the events were created, the number of events, and the cameras they were created for, but does not include the event snapshots. Digests are generated at most once every 2 hours (a digest gets created in case there was at least one event for one of the cameras that took place over the last 2 hours).

  • Immediate status notifications. A standard delay when sending this kind of notification can also reach up to 10 seconds.

When a detector-triggered event is created, a short 10-sec videoclip is also generated. 

Account`s owner is the only person who has access to notifications and events from his cameras by default. However, a user can share acces to the cameras` events events with other accounts.   

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